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HealthCare.gov Troubles?

Having trouble getting on to the Healthcare.gov website to review your health insurance options for 2014? Don’t worry you’re not alone, we understand that trying to navigate the surge of healthcare reform is overwhelming. The federal Marketplace has general information about your insurance options but what about local, Utah based information that applies to you?

  • What plans are offered in my area?
  • Which Insurance Carriers are offering plans within the Marketplace?
  • Will my doctors and local hospital be in my network with the new plans on the Marketplace?
  • Do I qualify for any Subsidy? If so what would be my monthly premium cost?
  • What if I need help with my insurance coverage during 2014?
  • What free local resources are available to me and my family?

Enrolling Utah is a comprehensive local resource designed to help Utah individuals and families understand their healthcare insurance options. We can answer your questions and provide real solutions to your concerns about healthcare changes in 2014. We have spent the past few years researching and educating ourselves on the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act and are ready to help our local communities. Browse our site here at Enrolling Utah while you wait for the Healthcare.gov website to be fixed so that you can be prepared when you enroll.


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