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How Do I Start?

How to Get Started?


Our goal is to educate Utah individuals and families about their health insurance options. We understand that health insurance can be overwhelming; we want to eliminate the confusion and help you find answers, and it’s FREE!

Please explore the Enrolling Utah website for tools and resources available to help you understand your healthcare options. Contact Us to receive local information on products and services available to Utah residents.

We try and make enrollment as easy as possible. We can help you with the two keys enrollment objectives:

Do you qualify for a subsidy?

You may be eligible for significant premium subsides based on your household income and size. Programs like Medicaid and CHIP can also be determined based on qualifications. Have Enrolling Utah help you ensure that you utilize all subsidies available to you and your family.

What Plan, Carrier or Network do I choose?

What network of doctors and hospitals do you want? How about traditional plans vs. HSA plans? Most importantly what will they cost? We can help with this critical step. Making a mistake on you plan choice can be costly down the road.

In addition to enrollment assistance, would you also like Free Service & Support after enrollment?  An Enrolling Utah Agent provides you with a NO COST personal advocate for network questions, policy claims and all other insurance needs.  The servicing fee is built in to your premiums whether you have an Agent or not.  Fill in the Enrolling Utah NPN # and User ID when completing your enrollment.

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What are my options for service and support after the enrollment period is over?

Without an Enrolling Utah Agent:

  • Federal Call Center Support
  • Online Carrier Web Chat
  • No Agent Support or Guidance

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With an Enrolling Utah Agent:

  • Agent Advocacy – local personal support for all your questions
  • Assistance in resolving claim disputes
  • Help with billing questions
  • Help with plan coverage questions
  • Personal assistance with renewal options

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Receive Valuable Free Support

To receive that valuable free support during the course of your health insurance coverage, enter in the NPN# 17074581 and User ID: ENROLLINGUTAH in the online enrollment application.  For more information about the advantages of including that NPN# and User ID please click on the link below.

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