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Self Employed or I buy my own Insurance?


If you’re self-employed with no employees, you’re not considered an employer.  You can use the individual Marketplace to find coverage that fits your needs.

  • You can compare important features of several plans side-by-side, all of them offering essential health benefits.  You can see what your premium will be before you decide to ENROLL.
  • You cannot be denied coverage or be charged more because you have a pre-existing health condition.  Being sick won’t keep you from getting health coverage.  Each plan within the Marketplace can’t refuse to cover treatment or add a surcharge onto your premium for pre-existing conditions.  Coverage for your pre-existing conditions begins IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you already have an individual or family insurance plan you bought yourself, you may be able to change to a Marketplace plan and see if you qualify for a premium subsidy.
  • Also, most individual plans must offer new benefits and protections starting Jan 1, 2014.  Some plans will be changed or replaced with plans that offer these protections.  If this happens, you can choose to buy a plan in the Marketplace instead and most likely qualify for a premium or product subsidy.
  • When you fill out a Marketplace application you’ll also learn if you or your children qualify for free or low-cost coverage through MEDICAID or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

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